Sandra Pallotta, Owner/Designer Sandra Anne Designs

Welcome to Sandra Anne Designs where I want to put a little luxury into your life! Life is short and we always seem to get caught in the rut of our daily lives without making ourselves a priority.  It's time for you to do something for YOU!

I was severely in that rut having three small children and a husband with a career.  It didn't leave much time for me and I didn't look or feel good.  

I wanted to start focusing on me a little bit as my kids got older. Those that know me know that when I choose to do something I go all out, so I didn't go on a diet.  I changed my lifestyle!  That meant new, healthier eating habits, a new exercise routine, trying new careers (note plural!), along with other lifestyle changes like yoga and meditation.

By the way, in doing so, I lost over 40 lbs! My lifestyle changes had been slowly paying off and I began to look, and more importantly, feel great.  Of course I had to buy new clothes and accessories that complimented the new me!  I've always loved jewelry but could never find pieces that expressed who I am. And those that did I couldn't afford!

Being an artist at heart, I decided to take a stab at making my own jewelry. Now, I had never held a torch in my life but like everything else that got me to this point, if I wanted it bad enough I was going to make it happen! So I read books, took online jewelry classes and fast forward, here I am today where I have been featured in GLAMOUR, UK magazine and have the distinguished honor of being a Roycroft Artisan. I enjoy sharing my passion and learning more from such gifted Roycroft artists.  

True artistry is made by hand with only the best materials. I use precious metals and high quality gemstones and hearing "your pieces are so original" is music to my ears. I want to bring you that little bit of luxury that makes you stand out in a crowd in a beautiful and confident way. You deserve to get out of the rut too, and I would like to have a little hand in helping you achieve your best you!   


Sandra Pallotta, Owner/Designer, Roycroft Artisan

Sandra Anne Designs

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